4 Days in Mendoza, Argentina: Make the Most of Them!

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¡Hola! So with this post I start my new series of travel blog posts in English. I’ll be mainly writing about destinations in Argentina and the US, for the time being.

A few months ago my fiancee and I decided to spend 4 days in Mendoza and it was the best trip ever! Mendoza is known for its wine production and its sunny skies. Here’s what we did, and what I strongly recommend you to visit if you’re only staying for a few days.

Day 1: City tour. We rode the city tour bus, which has an open roof so you can enjoy the sunshine and views. The tour took around three hours, they first take you around downtown Mendoza, and tell you everything about its rich history (for those who know about him, San Martín crossed the Andes on horseback!). Then, they take you to Parque General San Martín, which is huge and gorgeous! The whole city of Mendoza is full of trees, but this park is where the most beautiful ones are. The park is known for its iron gate and the Cerro de la Gloria, where the bus stops for everybody to enjoy the views from 200 meters high.
At night, as recommended by all the young locals, we went out to a restaurant on Avenue Arístides Villanueva and watched a soccer match on a huge screen! This street is full of bars, restaurants, and pubs where you can enjoy the amazing wine and gourmet food. A must-go for everybody!


Day 2: Day trip to the Andes. Now this was the highlight of our trip. We booked a day trip to the Andes on a bus. They picked us up at our hotel around 7 am and we rode up the mountains while enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Andes. We also visited Penitentes ski resort, and the famous Puente del Inca. I can’t stress this enough, but this day was mindblowing. We even saw a big condor from up close! The snow near Puente del Inca was literally up to my head, so be sure to bundle up and wear appropriate footwear. You can also rent snow gear in one of the stops the bus makes. We had lunch with the whole group and got to meet people from all over the world, mainly europeans, who were as amazed as us (an Argentine and an American) by the beauty of Mendoza.

4 days in mendoza argentina 2.jpg

Day 3: Wine cellar. We could not be in Mendoza without visiting a wine cellar, so this day we took the city train in downtown Mendoza to the town of Maipú (only around 15 minutes away from Mendoza). We went to Bodegas López because they offered a tour in English, so as soon as we got off the train, we just crossed the street and followed the signs towards the wine cellar. It was a super interesting walk around the whole place, where the friendly staff explained everything about wine making. After the walk, they offer you a wine tasting experience where you get to apply everything you learned during the educational walk. It was super fun! I highly recommend you to visit Bodegas López, we had a great time there. Of course we could not leave without purchasing some delicious white and red wine for ourselves and our families.


Day 4: Bike ride through the park. The last day we decided we really wanted to see more of Parque San Martín (where we had been to on the first day) since it is huge. We packed some snacks and rented bikes right there in the park for three hours to ride around. We even got to the University campus, which is right next to the park. Parque San Martín has a beautiful lake inside, and the atmosphere is of absolute peace and calm. A must-see for lovers of the outdoors and stunning landscapes. If I lived in Mendoza, I would spend time in this park every day! It was the perfect relaxed ending to a tiring but fun-filled short trip.

4 days in mendoza argentina 4.jpg

Guys, if you’re thinking about visiting South America, and you enjoy the outdoors, tree-filled landscapes, the absolute best wine in Argentina, and mountain ranges, then Mendoza is the place for you to visit. My fiancee and I travel on a budget, and I promise you this trip will not break the bank! Plus, you’ll get to see the main attractions of a city that has the feel of a smaller town, but at the same time keeps its urban flavor. The locals are friendly as they are used to the city being filled by tourists all year long, and they really take care of the environment there, so you’ll see green all over the city! Seriously, what’s not to love? It left us wanting to see way more, so I’m sure we’ll visit Mendoza again in the future.

If you’d like advice or specific information about where to book the tours, or where to find places, I’m more than happy to help you out 🙂 Till’ next time!


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